An experience to expand your perceptions, together with world's first cyborg.
WE/ Special contents 1
Mythology×Human Augmentation  Value life.  To the future beyond it. 
In this WE/, Mr. Neil Harbisson, the world's first cyborg, appears with the keyword, " "Mythology ×Human Augmentation ". We thought up new perspectives revolving around the mythical lands of the Kokiji -Japanese mythology-, such as Ise, Nushima Island, and Atsuta.
Who is world's first cyborg, Neil Harbisson?
Neil Harbisson is a Catalan-raised, British-born contemporary artist and cyborg activist best known for having an antenna implanted in his scull and for being officially recognized as a cyborg by a government.
What does it mean to change color into sound? A simulated experience with the palm of your hand.
Why not simulate the experience of sensing "feeling change" from the palm of your hand, like Neil Harbisson, the cyborg activist who "listens to and feels" color?
Neil changes color into sound, but here we change it into movement. Enjoy the nearly infinite movements brought about by the colors of the images inserted.
The settings of some terminals, some OSs, browsers, and applications cannot display the effect properly, or display it in an unintended fashion. Upgrade to the latest version, or try out the latest version of Google Chrome.
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