Value life  To the future beyond it
WE/ Special contents 2
Where are humans headed?  We consider it with an android.
POLA has been in pursuit of the possibility of humans all while providing beauty that matched the era. We would like to consider a new type of beauty while we comprehend the possibilities of the people in the future, in this day of rapidly changing values.
To do this, in coordination with the WE/ plan, we asked the following questions from people gathered from all over the world at ALIFE2018(THE 2018 CONFERENCE ON ARTIFICIAL LIFE) in July of this year.

Q1. What will you do if you find your partner is an android?

Q2. Which do you think comes first human becomes android or android becomes human? Why is it so?

Q3. What do you think essential for life?

Introducing a selection of the answers gathered from scientists and artists from around the world. Think about it with us.

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